Events in Norway

The society organize an annual dinner and the "Oxford lecture" in co-operation with University of Oslo (normally on the same day).

For these events we try to bring some of Oxford's leading academics to Norway.

Our guests:

2013 Professor Laurence Whitehead, Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College and an expert on democratization. Held on the day of the 40th anniversary for the coup in Chile. ”40 years after the coup in Chile: The future of democracy in Latin America”;

2012 Professor John Broome, Philosopher and Economist, "The Ethics of Climate Change";

2011 Dr Lesley Abrams, Historian, "England and the Vikings in the 21st Century";

2010 Professor Stephen Nickell, Economist, "The European Unemployment Challenge";

2009 Baroness Susan Greenfield, Neurologist: ”The future of the brain – the brain of the future”;

2008 Alex Pravda, one of Europes leading experts on Russia. "Russia's imperial dilemma: between self-insulation and global competitiveness.";

2007 Professor Philip Candelas: "On the Impact of physics on mathematics.";

2006 Sir Neil Chalmers, "Making science public - the role of museums today". Sir Neil Chalmers was for many years Director of The Natural History Museum in London. Warden at Wadham College.;

2005 The Rt Hon the Lord Patten of Barnes CH, Chancellor University of Oxford;

2003 Sir Adam Roberts, Balliol, on ”The Liberal international Order: A good idea at the Time” and ”The UN and international Invention”, and at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs on ”International Law in the War on Terror”.

2001 Dr. Stephen Weatherill, Jacques Delors Professor of European Community Law and Fellow of Somerville College on ”The Treaty of Nice”

2002 Professor Barry Cunliffe, Institute of Archaeology and Keble College on ”The Atlantic Façade: Communities of Atlantic Europe first Millennium BC to First Millennium AD”

2000 Dr. Michael Clark on medical history

1999 Professor Sir Roger Penrose, Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford, and Fellow of Wadham College, gave two lectures, on ”The non - Algorithmic Character of human Consciousness”, and ”A missing Link in 20th Century Physica”.

1998 Dr David Butle, Nuffield College on ”The Voice of the People: The Question of Referendum in British Politics” and ”How Blair did it: the 1997 General Election”. Dr.Marilyn Butler, Rector of Exeter College, on ”Jane Austen” and ”Images of Houses in romantic Litterature”

1997 Dr.Henry Mayr-Harting, Regius Professor of ecclesiastical History and Fellow of Christ Church College on ”Some new Perspectives on the Coming of Christ to Anglo-Saxon England”

1996 Visiting Lecturer Peter Pulzer directed a seminar at the Institute for Social Science at Oslo University

1992 Dr.Ray Ockenden, Tutor of moden Languages (German) at WadhamCollege, on ”Art Theory and Poetic Practice:Goethe in 1797”

1991 Sir William Mitchell, Professorial Fellow in Physics at WadhamCollege, Vice-President of the European Scienc Foundation, on ”Structure and Dynamics of molten Salts” His wife, Lady Margaret Davis, spoke at the Institute for Romanesque Studies on ”Arthur Rimbaud. Un Destin hors de Commun”

1990 Lord Jenkins of Hillhead, Chancellor of Oxford University, on ”The State and Future of the European Community”

1989 Dr. Colin Lucas, Professor of History, Fellow (later Master of Balliol College and Vice Chancellor of Oford University), gave to lectures: One at special symposium arranged to commemorate the 1814 Treaty of Kiel, the second at Oslo University on ”King Louis XVI: Revolutionary, Saint, Traitor, or just plain stupid?”

1988 Dr. Anthony Kenny, Master of Balliol College, on ”Just War, just Rebellion, and Terrorism”

1987 Dr.Robert Williams, Napier Royal Society Professor, Fellow of Wadham College, on ”Biology and the Chemical Elements”.

1986 Sir Claus Moser, Warden of Wadham College, on ”Financing the Arts”

1985 Mr. John Flemming, Warden of Wadham, leading speaker at seminar on ”Stagnation or a golden Future?”

1984 Dr. Baruch Blumberg, Master of Balliol Collegeand 1976 Nobel Prize Winner leading speaker at seminar on ”Medical Ethics, Research and Developing Countries”

1983 Sir Claus Moser, Warden of Wadham College, main speaker on seminar ”The Dream of Perfection. Elite and the Masses in Norwegian Education”.

1982 Dr. John Bamborough, Principal of Linacre College invited, butt no lecture arranged.

1981 Sir Stuart Hampshire, Warden of Wadham College, on ”Convention and Morality”